7 Tips for The Ideal SaaS Sign-Up Flow

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When you’re creating a SaaS product, you’d really want to drive as much users in as possible. The right way to do so is to highly reduce the friction of getting into your app. Let’s see a few examples of how we can make the sign-up flow smoother.

Only request an email address. ✉️

Ask for further details later if you need them.

Your homepage should include a signup form. 🏠

Since you only need an email address these days, it’s simple.

Block useless emails. 🛑

An error notice should ideally appear before the user clicks the submit button.

Combine your registration and login. 🤝

Don’t display an error message when a user tries to create an account using the login page. Just create the account instead. Connect them immediately if they log in using your sign-up information. This is simple because all you need is an email.

Remove all passwords. 🧹

An email with a link should be sent rather than a password request. The user is immediately logged in after clicking it. They are even no longer required to visit a “reset password” page.

Provide immediate access after registration. ⚡

Never require the user to confirm their email after account creation. Instead, log them in and display a warning message requesting account verification within the following X days. After the wait, don’t make them leave. Just make the message full-screen.

Innovate by integrating a Web 3.0 login 🦄

Take a bold approach and add a MetaMask, WalletConnect or Phantom login provider. With such, your users won’t even need to type in their email. When an operation that requires their identity to be confirmed occurs, then prompt them for the OG details. Until that time comes, use only their wallet address as identification.

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