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These TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE govern the relationship between Software Ltd., acting through the website softaware.io, hereinafter referred to as the “Site” on the one hand, and the users of the Site (hereinafter referred to as Users) on the other hand.

“Softaware” Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Companies Code of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIC 206609469 with its registered office and registered address at. Sofia; Slatina district, g.k. Hristo Smirnenski, bl. 19, in. A, app. 20, email address: hi@softaware.io.

Please read the published Terms and Conditions in full before using the Site. By viewing the Site, each User automatically binds himself/herself to the terms and conditions described below.

These Terms of Use contain information about the operation of “www.softaware.io” and govern the relationship between us and each of our Users.

The Company’s website is softaware.io and all of its subpages.


We are young and innovative professionals who dedicate our advanced knowledge in software and cutting-edge technology to offer affordable solutions to many industries worldwide.

Software Ltd. helps companies thrive using strong understanding of technology and industry trends. We want to help our clients create a strong digital presence, offer a modern experience to their customers online and solve multiple problems with software solutions.


Art. 1. On the Site, Users can obtain information about the services provided by Software Ltd.

Art. 2. (1) Through the contact form on the Site, Users can fill out a survey to provide information about the organization of their business. (2) In order to contact the User, the User shall provide a current telephone number and email address.

Art. 3. The Site shall delete the User’s personal data after a period of 12 months from the date of collection.


Art. 4. The intellectual property rights in all materials and resources located on the Site (including the available databases) are protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, belong to the Site or to the appropriately designated person who has assigned the right to use the Site, and may not be used in violation of applicable law.

Art. 5. In case of copying or reproduction of information outside the permissible scope, as well as in case of any other infringement of intellectual property rights on the resources of the Site, Software Ltd. shall be entitled to claim compensation for direct and indirect damages in full.

Art. 6. Except where expressly agreed, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute or otherwise disclose the information resources published on the Site.

Art. 7. The Site undertakes to exercise due diligence to ensure that the User is able to properly access the functionalities and information resources provided.

Art. 8. The Site reserves the right to suspend access to the functionalities and information resources provided. The Site has the right, but not the obligation, at its discretion, to delete information resources and materials published on its site.


Art. 9. The Site is obliged to notify Users of any amendment to these General Terms and Conditions within 7 days of the occurrence of such circumstance to the email address provided by the User.

Art. 10. Where the User does not agree with the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, the User shall have the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason and without being liable to compensation or penalty. In order to exercise this right, the User must notify the Site within one month of receipt of the notice referred to in the previous Art..

Art. 11. In the event that the User does not exercise his right to withdraw from the contract in the manner set forth in these General Terms and Conditions, the amendment shall be deemed to have been accepted by the User without objection.


Art. 12. The provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to all matters not covered by these General Terms and Conditions.

Art. 13. The parties agree that in the event that any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, this shall not invalidate any other provision or part of these General Terms and Conditions. The invalid provision will be superseded by mandatory rules of law or the actual intention of the parties.

Art. 14. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved in a spirit of understanding and good will. In the event that no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes in connection with the Site, including disputes arising out of or relating to the interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning the filling of gaps in the General Terms and Conditions or their adaptation to newly arising circumstances, shall be resolved by the competent court under the applicable Bulgarian law.

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